ARC8 MTB Wheel W30

Wide and Strong

With the W30, we created a wheel following our philosophy of making reliable, performance-optimized products without any gimmicks. The offset version is specifically for our Extra frameset (but can be used with other frames that have an offset rear triangle). With an offset of 4 mm, we can build an even stronger wheel with better balanced spoke tension.

We are using DT Swiss hubs and spokes, well known for their quality. The 350 hubs feature the trademark ratchet freehub, are lightweight and reliable. We chose classic J-bend spokes because they offer the best spoke angle and are easy to replace. 32 Competition spokes make for a very stiff and strong wheel, spreading the stress more evenly than lower spoke counts would do.

We went for an aluminum rim because it is more forgiving, and it will not crack as easily as a carbon rim if you hit a rock. Our rim is wide but as light as most carbon rims of that size.


Weight 1800g (pair)
Size 29"
Outer width 35 mm
Inner width 30 mm
Spoke Count 32


ARC8 W35 Shimano Wheels

550.— CHF

ARC8 W35 Sram Wheels

550.— CHF

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