Warranty & Crash Replacement


As we understand how frustrating it is when the bike season is shortened due to defective components or frames, we pay a lot of attention to the development of all our ARC8 and Faserwerk products, as well as the final testing. We work closely with our suppliers and continuously check our products during production. However, we cannot completely rule out material or manufacturing defects.
The statutory warranty is generally two years from the delivery date. In addition, we offer an extended warranty of three years on all ARC8 frames* purchased after January 1, 2024, covering material and manufacturing defects (including statutory warranty). Excluded from this are paint damage, as well as defects caused by falls or non-intended use.
Storing frames indefinitely incurs high storage costs, so it might happen that we no longer have the right size or color of your frame in stock. In this case, we reserve the right to offer you a repair or replace your frame with a frame from the current collection. If there have been changes in the meantime, so that your components are no longer compatible, we will gladly provide you with an attractive offer for a new complete bike.

Crash Replacement 

No bike is indestructible, and even the best rider can crash in such a way that the frame is permanently damaged or even unusable.
To get you back on your bike in this case, we offer you our Crash Replacement program for damage caused by improper use or crashes. Deliberately damaged frames or cosmetic defects are excluded from Crash Replacement.
It is often not necessarily necessary to replace the entire frame. In the case of crash damage or defects caused in other ways, we will try to offer you a repair or replacement of the affected component. In this case, please fill out the contact form below to discuss the various options. After providing us with all relevant information, we will contact you. Please send us the defective frame in any case.
You will be responsible for the resulting costs and any customs or shipping fees. If your frame is no longer available, we reserve the right to offer you a frame from the current model year. If, due to changed standards, the new frame is not compatible with your components, we will provide you with a discounted offer for a complete bike.
Costs for the conversion of the frame, as well as shipping or any applicable customs costs, will not be covered by us.

*Expection: first generation of Extra frames