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You're crazy about cycling and think that you and ARC8 are a perfect match? Then that's just the right page.

What We Offer

  • Discount on framesets or complete bikes
  • For your main racing disciplines, you can get up to two bikes of one model per season. For training purposes one bike per model.
  • Discount on wheelsets
  • If you have a need for parts, we will support you as good as we can.

What We Expect

  • You represent ARC8 in a positive way to the cycling community, at events, in your local scene, and online.
  • You at least twice a month do a post on social media (Instagram, Facebook), mentioning or tagging ARC8. We have the right to share those posts on our social media channels.
  • For the period of our sponsoring agreement, you ride exclusively on ARC8 bikes for the discipline(s) defined.
  • You participate in at least ten cycling events per year.
  • You are open to participate in 1-2 ARC8 events per year (media events, photo shooting or similar) in your area.
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