ARC8 Frame MY24 Extra II red angepasst

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Extra Coil

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This comes with your frame:

Extra Coil/Air FS Kit
Thru Axle 1  ×  ARC8 TA 148 mm M12 x P1.0
RD Hanger 1  ×  SRAM UDH
Headset 1  ×  EXTRA Coil/Air Headset Acros AiX-322 R3 /...
Seat Clamp 1  ×  Seat Clamp 34.9 mm
Frame Protection 1  ×  Frame Protection - EXTRA Coil/Air
Chain Guide 1  ×  Chain Guide - Extra EXTRA Coil/Air
In Frame Bag 1  ×  In Frame Bag EXTRA - SET



Fox Float DHX2 Factory 250 x 75
+ CHF 700
Fox Float X Factory 250 x 75
+ CHF 500
Fox Float X Performance 250 x 75
+ CHF 300

Fork & Shock

Marzocchi Bomber Z1 170mm Gloss Red (2024) Marzocchi CR 250 x 75 250 x 75 (2024)
+ CHF 1290

Spring Rates

225lb - Spring Rate 65 - 75 kg
+ CHF 0
250lb - Spring Rate 65 - 75 kg
+ CHF 0
275lb - Spring Rate 75 - 85 kg No Stock
+ CHF 0
300lb - Spring Rate 85 - 95 kg
+ CHF 0
325lb - Spring Rate More than 95 kg
+ CHF 0
Roofowler RZ94263 Roofowler RZ92947
Roofowler RZ93073 Extra2 Launch 2606

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Size specific Geometry

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Frequently asked questions

Depending on the frame size, we use different spring rates.

S: 225 lbs
M: 250 lbs
L: 300 lbs

These spring rates roughly reflect the average rider weight per frame size. We recommend a sag value of 30% - 35% for the EXTRA. If you can't achieve this sag value with your weight, we suggest using a different spring rate. In the table below, you'll find the spring rate we recommend based on your body weight. Additionally, you'll find the stroke and length of the springs, allowing you to order the right spring for you. 

The EXTRA Coil and the EXTRA Air share the same frame platform, which means you can install an air or coil shock on both frames, regardless of the color. If you prefer, you can also equip your EXTRA Air with a 170mm fork, or alternatively, equip your EXTRA Coil with a 160mm fork. Additionally, we specify the EXTRA Air as a 29" bike from the factory, and the EXTRA Coil as a Mullet, meaning a mix of 29" in the front and 27.5" in the rear. However, you can always switch between configurations based on your personal preference. 

You can get the EXTRA Coil as a complete bike in a Mullet specification, meaning a combination of 29" and 27.5" wheels. Here, we set the FlipChip to the High/27.5" position. If you prefer a very low bottom bracket, you can also switch to the Low/29" setting, but be prepared for occasional pedal strikes ;-)

Our EXTRA Air comes as a complete 29" bike from the factory. We initially set it to the Low/29" position for perfect bike positioning with a low bottom bracket. However, for more ground clearance and slightly more agile handling, you can also use the High/27.5" setting. We don't recommend the Low/27.5" setting with a 27.5" rear wheel, as the slightly shorter 160mm fork makes the bottom bracket even lower, bringing the cranks quite close to the ground. 

With the new EXTRA Air and Coil, you can use up to 180mm of front suspension travel. From the factory, we install 160mm (front/rear) for the EXTRA Air and 170/165mm (front/rear) for the EXTRA Coil in the complete bikes.

Yes, that is possible. We have thought of two cable exits on each side. 

No, by introducing the 55mm chainline, we were able to create enough tire clearance, allowing you to use a standard 12x148mm rear wheel.  

The EXTRA is approved for a system weight of 120 kg. With the ASTM 5 classification, it is also suitable for use in the bike park. These approvals apply to the frame. In some cases, we use components, that are only approved up to ASTM 4 by the manufacturer (e.g. EXTRA Air). Please check this in advance. 

On the EXTRA, we have introduced a new grease nipple. This allows for the expulsion of old grease and dirt while simultaneously providing fresh lubrication. The frequency of this grease change depends on the conditions. In very dusty or muddy environments, we recommend more frequent grease changes. If the slider feels stiff, a grease change is also advisable. However, an annual service is recommended. We suggest using suspension grease such as Sram Butter or SlickKick. 

A 2.5-inch tire on a rim with a 30mm inner width fits in the rear triangle. Depending on the tire's actual size, a 2.6-inch tire may also be possible. This, of course, depends on the specific manufacturer. 

We have tested our storage box with a variety of tools. We recommend a maximum tool width of 3,2 cm. 

We recommend a pump as compact as possible with a maximum diameter of 25 mm and a maximum length of 21 cm. 

To ensure you're always prepared for emergencies on the go, our Storagebox has a dedicated pocket for tire levers and a tube. We recommend using a compact tube, such as the Aerothan by Schwalbe or a Tubolito. 

Das Extra Coil und Extra Air haben folgende Einstecktiefen:
S: 28 cm
M: 30 cm
L: 32 cm

Bitte beachte, dass der Aufbau der Vario-Sattelstützen kann im Bereich der Ansteuerung variieren kann und daher die Einstecktiefe durch die Stütze selbst noch leicht beeinflusst werden kann.