Escapee db record

One Bike. All Season. Escapee DB - Aerodynamic. Lightweight. Disc brakes.

Built to conquer any road from the hairpins of the Alpe d'Huez to the cobblestones of Paris–Roubaix, the Escapee is the complete package of lightweight, aerodynamics and all-day comfort.

Whether you want to escape your competitors or your daily routine, this is your bike.

Frame Weight
810 g (raw, size 54)
Fork Weight
325 g (cut to fit size 54)
Seatpost Weight
185 g
48 / 51 / 54 / 57 / 60
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Tech Specs:

Optimized Lay-Up

To achieve a lightweight with good stiffness while still passing all our rigorous strength testing, we had to find new ways in lay-up. We will not give away the details, but a clever mix of high end fibres and fibre orientations sets our frame apart from what is usually done in the bicycle industry. With our lay-up strategy, we use the full potential of each single fibre. To achieve that, we used the combination of draping simulation and FEA software, something rarely seen in the bicycle industry.

ICH Cockpit

The Escapee is the first product to use our ICH cockpit. The cables disappear at the stem and are routed internally all the way to the rear brake and derailleurs. Aerodynamic, clean and simple.

Aerodynamic Tube Shapes

All tubes that are aerodynamically relevant were remodeled to profiles that minimize drag, but maintain the stiffness properties of the original tubes. The surfaces facing the wind are following Naca profiles, without any edges creating turbulences. A sharp transition into a flat backside cheats the wind into creating a virtual tear drop profile, shielding the components behind the tube from the wind.


It is sad that we need to list this here, but we are very happy to give up a few grams for a silent ride without the noise of a creaking pressfit BB.

Universal Cable Routing

The Escapee is compatible with mechanical and electronic drive trains.

Flat Mount Disc Brakes

Established as the standard for road bikes, there is no need to invent anything new. Light, clean and manufacturing-friendly, we follow the most common specs that leaves you free choice of brakes and 140 or 160 mm rotors.


48 51 54 57 60
Rider Height <170 170-176 175-181 180-187 >187
A Reach 357 369 380 393 405
B Stack 505 522 541 560 580
C Top Tube Length 506 523 540.5 558.5 576
D Seat Tube Length 422 453 477 499 521
E Seat Tube Angle 73.5 73.5 73.5 73.5 73.5
F Head Tube Angle 70.5 72 72 72 72
G Head Tube Length 103 116 135 156 176
H Fork Offset 50 50 50 50 50
I Fork Length 375 375 375 375 375
J Chain Stay Length 402 402 402 402 402
K Wheelbase 959.5 978 982 1000 1018
L BB Drop 71 71 71 71 71

Frame Specification

Component Specification Comment
Front Derailleur braze-on
Shifting Systems Mechanical, Di2, Etap
Brakes Flat Mount 140 mm rotors, 160 mm with adaptor
Tires 700C x 28 Depending on rim/tire manufacturer, larger tires may fit
Axles 12 x 142/12 x 100 Following Shimano Standard
Seatpost ø27.2
Seatpost clamp ø30.9
Headset ICH integrated system
Chainrings 52/36-46/30 For Sram AXS: 48/35-46/33