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Breaking the Mold of XC Bikes. Evolve - Lighter. More Capable. Faster.

The Evolve FS is our interpretation of an XC bike. We naturally wanted it to be light and fast on a race track. But most importantly, we wanted to bring that speed onto your trails.

We were riding what is now called Down Country bikes all our lives. Until now, they were just XC bikes upgraded with 120 mm travel forks, shorter stems, wider bars and a dropper seat post. We see this as the standard configuration of a modern XC bike, so we designed the Evolve FS for it from the beginning, with the option to go down to a 100 mm fork for racing.

We combined the lightest construction we could think of with a radical geometry and an extremely efficient suspension. It makes you fly up the climb before diving into the descent full of confidence. And where your ride would end on another bike, you go up the next mountain.

The ideal bike no matter whether you are at the starting line of a race, racking up KOMs and kilometers of single trail, or just on a short and intense evening ride.

Wheel Size
Rear Travel
100 - 110 mm
Front Travel
100 - 120 mm
Frame Weight
1240 g
M / L
Rolling Trails
Technical Trails
Fast Downhills
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Tech Specs:


Even if it is the lightest frame out there, the geometry is the real standout feature of the Evolve FS. It would not be out of place on an enduro bike, and is a big part of its unique character.

Lightweight Optimization

To achieve a frame weight of 1240 g, we invested a lot in FEA. Using Laminate Tools, we created and analyzed more than fifty different layups, something that would not have been possible doing physical prototypes.

Slider Suspension

When designing a rear suspension, you are always faced with conflicting goals. You want your linkage to be small because it is lighter, stiffer, and saves space. But for the suspension performance, longer links would be better. Our patented slider is small, light and stiff, but it represents an infinitely long lever, creating an almost perfectly linear-progressiv ratio.

Acros Headset

We developed a headset with Acros that cleanly integrates into the design, with the cables disappearing below the stem.

Aero Down Tube

The down tube of the Evolve FS uses an aero profile down tube. Not only is it fast against the wind, but it also collects a lot less mud in wet conditions.

Two Bottle Cages


Creak free, easy maintenance, not fit issues - all our frames come with threaded BBs.

Reversed Main Pivot

The swingarm goes into the seat tube rather than around it, creating a very stiff connection. We are using Enduro Max bearings, specifically designed for MTB full suspension frames.

Designed for Carbon

Our frames are designed with the manufacturing process in mind from the start. Only like that we can ensure a carbon structure that can be produced with consistent high quality. While the focus in the development of carbon frames very often just lies on stiffness and weight, we also put a lot of effort into minimizing the chance of manufacturing flaws like voids, wrinkles or low compaction areas. This is absolutely critical to make carbon products not only light and stiff, but also durable.

Flatmount Disc Brake

We are using the lighter and cleaner flatmount standard on the Evolve.

UDH Rear Derailleur Hanger

We are all for standardized parts, and Sram's UDH is just that.

Faserwerk Baslerstab

Combine the Evolve FS with the Faserwerk Baslerstab for even more weight savings.


Geometry enduro v1
Size M (120 mm fork) M (100 mm fork) L (120 mm fork) L (100 mm fork)
Rider Height 160-178 160-178 178-190 178-190
A Reach 465 477 495 507
B Stack 588 579 597 588
C TT 612 609 635 632
D ST 440 440 480 480
E SA (virtual) 76 77.1 76 77.1
SA (real) 72.7 73.8 72.7 73.8
F HA 65 66.1 65 66.1
G HT 100 100 110 110
H Fork Offset 42 42 42 42
I Fork A-C 530 503 530 503
J CS 430 430 430 430
K Wheelbase 1200 1189 1234 1223
L BB Drop 35 43 35 43
M Standover 684 674 682 672

Build Specs

PRICE 9.999 € 8.999 € 6.199 € 3.299 €
WEIGHT (SIZE M) 9.5 KG 9.8 KG 10.7 KG
FRAME ARC8 EVOLVE-FS, Size M, L, Carbon V & H ARC8 EVOLVE-FS, Size M, L, Carbon V & H ARC8 EVOLVE-FS, Size M, L, Carbon V & H ARC8 EVOLVE-FS, Size M, L, Carbon V & H
FORK Rock Shox SID SL Ultimate 100mm Fox 34 SC Float Factory 120mm FIT4 Fox 34 SC Float Performance 120mm FIT4 -
SHOCK Rock Shox SID Luxe Ultimate Fox Float DPS Factory Fox Float DPS Performance Fox Float DPS Performance
SEAT POST BikeYoke Divine SL BikeYoke Divine SL BikeYoke Divine SL -
HEADSET Acros Acros Acros Acros
STEM Faserwerk Baslerstab 35mm o. 50mm Faserwerk Baslerstab 35mm o. 50mm Faserwerk Baslerstab 35mm o. 50mm
BARS Faserwek Baslerstab Faserwek Baslerstab Faserwek Baslerstab
GRIPS Faserwerk Handschmeichler Faserwerk Handschmeichler Faserwerk Handschmeichler
SADDLE Repente Quasar Repente Quasar Repente Quasar
FRONT BRAKES Magura MT8 SL Shimano XTR 9100 Shimano XT 8100
REAR BRAKES Magura MT8 SL Shimano XTR 9110 Shimano XT 8110
BRAKE ROTORS FRONT Magura Storm SL 180mm Shimano RT-MT900M Shimano RT-MT800M
BRAKE ROTORS REAR Magura Storm SL 180mm Shimano RT-MT900M Shimano RT-MT800M
CRANKSET Sram XX1 Eagle CL 55mm DUB Shimano XTR 9125 32t 55mm Shimano XT 8120 32t 55mm
BOTTOM BRACKET Sram DUB BSA 73mm WIDE Shimano MT800 BSA Shimano MT800 BSA
CASSETTE Sram XG 1299 Eagle 10-52t rainbow Shimano XTR 10-51 Shimano XT 10-51
CHAIN Sram CN XX1 Eagle 116 rainbow Shimano M9100 Shimano M8100
SHIFTERS Sram EC AXS Eagle Shimano M9100 Shimano M8100
REAR DERAILLEUR Sram XX1 Eagle AXS Shimano M9100 Shimano M8100
FRONT WHEEL NEWMEN Advanced SL X.A. 30 29" 15x110 CL 28h FADE NEWMEN Advanced SL X.A. 30 29" 15x110 CL 28h FADE NEWMEN Wheel Evolution A.30 29" 15x110 SP CL 28h
REAR WHEEL NEWMEN Advanced SL X.A. 30 29" 12x148 CL 28h FADE NEWMEN Advanced SL X.A. 30 29" 12x148 CL 28h FADE NEWMEN Wheel Evolution A.30 29" 15x148 SP CL 28h MS
FRONT TIRE Wolfpack Speed 29 x 2.4 Wolfpack Cross 29 x 2.4 Wolfpack Cross 29 x 2.4
REAR TIRE Wolfpack Speed 29 x 2.4 Wolfpack Speed 29 x 2.4 Wolfpack Speed 29 x 2.4
SEALANT Tubeless 200ML tire sealant Tubeless 200ML tire sealant Tubeless 200ML tire sealant

Frame Specification

Component Specification Comment
Headset IS52/42 | IS52/42 Acros, cover customized for ARC8
Seatpost ø30.9 maximum insertion 245 mm.
Seatpost Clamp ø34.9
Rear brake Flatmount 160 mm 180 mm with adaptor
Rear Axle 148 x 12 mm M12 x 1, Length 178 mm
Max. Chainring Size 38 T with 55 mm chainline
Shock Size 210 x 55 (120 mm travel), 210 x 50 (100 mm travel) Remote lockout possible
Shock Hardware 20 x 8 on eyelet, no hardware on body
Fork 120 mm travel max.
Tires 29 x 2.4 max On 30 mm inner width rim.
BB BSA 73 mm
Chainguide 77 Designz FREESOLO V2-05+BSA
Rear Wheel Boost (148 mm) rear hub
Bottlecage on seat tube and down tube
Rear Derailleur Hanger Sram UDH

Frequently asked questions

We planned to do the Evolve FS in three sizes, S/M/L. But then something very confusing happened: we received the first sample in M size, and riders from 1.60 to 1.80 all seemed to fit perfectly on that bike. Trying to understand it gave us some sleepless nights. Lots of measurements were taken, photos and geometries analyzed. Finally we brought the bike to Andreas Gösele, doctor of the Swiss Olympic team and a well known bike fitting expert. As it turned out, we created a highly adaptable geometry, and an S size is simply not needed.

It fits well within what people call down country. However, our guess is, very soon it will be obsolete to distinguish between down country and XC.

The Evolve FS is designed to be used with shorter stems than what usual is used in XC. We recommend stems that are 35 to 70 mm long.

There is an important relationship between head tube angle and stem length. A steeper head tube angle makes for a faster, sometimes twitchy steering, while a slacker head tube angle feels more controlled, but needs more rider input. A longer stem on the other hand will slow down the steering and make that steep head tube angle more controlled, while a short stem will create a more direct feeling and speed up steering. So a short stem with a slack head tube angle will feel somewhat similar in terms of steering like a long stem with a steep head tube angle, but it places you further behind the front wheel, putting you in a better position to attack steep descents with confidence.