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Road Bike Speed Beyond Tarmac Eero - Fast and Versatile

Calmly gliding over bumpy ground at immense speed. Superhero feeling. A bike that emulates how Eero Hämäläinen became a rally legend.

The Eero is built to be fast on tarmac but best on gravel. With aerodynamic tube shapes, cables hidden from the wind, a lightweight frame and the ability to run double chainrings, this bike does not hold you back on paved roads. You can comfortably join that weekly road group ride on the Eero without your friends realizing that you are on a bike that is even better elsewhere.

Designing the frame specifically with the latest gravel groupsets in mind allowed us to create space for tires up to 700c x 50. And you cannot defy physics, as soon as the ground gets bumpy or soft, wide tires are faster. We designed the geometry to increase confidence in challenging terrain without losing the sharpness, responsivity and quick handling we love about drop bar bikes. Thin, lowered seat stays and a layup refined by the use of FEA simulation software absorb vibrations and hits coming from the ground, while sturdy chainstays make sure no energy is lost. All this combined means you will fly along gravel roads like Eero, leaving your competition in the dust.

But Eero was also a nature lover and bon vivant who liked to explore. We are sure he would have made good use of the multiple storage options and rack mounts, loading up his bike to disappear into the wilderness between races. We placed two bottle cages low in the frame to leave enough room for a frame bag. Additional mounts on the top tube and below the down tube let you carry your essentials, and if that is not enough there are mounts for a rear carrier.

Your weekly diet of riding includes a ride to work? With fender mounts you will arrive dry even on wet days despite having the fastest commuter bike in the streets.

Frame Weight
990 g (raw, size M)
Fork Weight
395 g (cut to fit size M)
S / M / L / XL

Tech Specs:

Tire Clearance

We took full advantage of the space modern gravel groupsets like Shimano GRX or Sram Force Wide leave us. Like this we were able to create a frame that can accept tires up to 700c x 50 while being compatible to 2x groupsets as well.

ICH Cockpit

The Eero is using our ICH cockpit. The cables disappear at the stem and are routed internally all the way to the rear brake and derailleurs. Aerodynamic, clean and simple.

Layup Optimization

To achieve a lightweight with good stiffness while still passing all our rigorous strength testing, we had to find new ways in lay-up. We will not give away the details, but a clever mix of high end fibres and fibre orientations sets our frame apart from what is usually done in the bicycle industry. With our lay-up strategy, we use the full potential of each single fibre. To achieve that, we used the combination of draping simulation and FEA software, something rarely seen in the bicycle industry.

Aerodynamic Tube Shapes

All tubes that are aerodynamically relevant were remodeled to profiles that minimize drag, but maintain the stiffness properties of the original tubes. The surfaces facing the wind are following Naca profiles, without any edges creating turbulences. A sharp transition into a flat backside cheats the wind into creating a virtual tear drop profile, shielding the components behind the tube from the wind.


We are very happy to give up a few grams for a silent ride without the noise of a creaking pressfit BB.

Drivetrain Compatibility

The Eero is compatible with mechanical and electronic, 1x and 2x drive trains.

160 mm Flat Mount Disc Brakes

Taking into account the bigger diameter of gravel tires and additional weight of baggage, the flatmount on the Eero is designed for 160 mm rotors, with the option to go to 180 mm with adaptors.

Fender and Rack Compatibility

The Eero has mounts for full fenders and a rear rack. Additionally, you get mounts on the top tube and under the down tube for more storage.


Rider Height 170-176 175-181 180-187 >187
A Reach 364 376 388 400
B Stack 545 568 593 618
C Top Tube Length 525 545 564 583
D Seat Tube Length 510 550 570 600
E Seat Tube Angle 73.5 73.5 73.5 73.5
F Head Tube Angle 70 71 71 71
G Head Tube Length 137 157 170 197
H Fork Offset 50 50 50 50
I Fork Length 395 395 395 395
J Chain Stay Length 420 420 420 420
K Wheelbase 1002 1012 1032 1053
L BB Drop 75 75 75 75

Frame Specification

Component Specification Comment
Front Derailleur braze-on
Shifting Systems Mechanical, Di2, Etap
Brakes Flat Mount 160 mm rotors, 180 mm with adaptor. Rear mount height 25 mm
Tires 700C x 50 max. 650b compatible
Axles 12 x 142/12 x 100 Following Shimano standard
Seatpost ø27.2
Seatpost clamp ø30.9
Headset ICH integrated system
Cranks - Shimano All GRX 1x and 2x
Cranks - Sram Force Wide double
Cranks - Easton 47.6 chainline 40T maximum; 51.6 chainline: 50T
Cranks - Campagnolo Ekar 38 T maximum
Fenders Mounts for regular fenders on frame and fork
Storage 3x bottle cage; top tube bag; rear carrier