Baslerstab 1

Lighter and Stronger Baslerstab

With stems on mountainbikes only getting shorter, attaching the handlebar directly to the fork seemed like a logical step. Combining the stem and handlebar into one piece is nothing new, but that is not what we wanted to do. Instead, we wanted to bypass the stem altogether.

We had to reshape the handlebar so it passes by close to the steerer tube, while keeping the grips in the same relative position as with a traditional handlebar and stem. A circular cutout attaches directly to the fork, with a clamp bolted on from the back holding it there.

Using the material to its full potential allowed us to achieve a weight of 240 g while passing DH test standards. Yes, that is the same weight many 800 mm bars weigh without a stem.

800 mm
Virtual Stem Length
35 / 50 mm
15 mm
9 °
6 °
240 g
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Tech Specs:

Bladder Molding

Bladder molding is the preferred method to produce a lightweight, high performance tubular structure like the handlebar. But it is not great to produce geometries with a defined inner and outer shape like a stem. Our design allows us to the best process for each part, bladder molding for the handlebar, CPMC for the clamp.

Forged Aluminium

For highest strength, the clamp is made from forged aluminum. Stress-optimized shaping allows us to keep the weight on the level of a carbon clamp.

Frequently asked questions

Tighten the four bolts on the clamp to 6 Nm and use carbon assembly paste on the steerer tube. The maximum torque for the levers (brake, shifter, seatpost, lockout) and screwable grips is 4 Nm.

The Baslerstab can be shortened to your preferred width.