The Line Up.

Arc8 extra fox36 black 2020 11 10 182009

The bike that gives you extra confidence and extra speed. Built to win the hardest Enduro stages or riding long descents in big mountains.

Arc8 extra st v1
Extra ST

We built the Extra ST inspired by our local trails where it’s right at home.

Essential 1

A bike that invites you for a dance on the trail, attacking or just having fun.

Arc8 ht 29 v1

The Evolve is built specifically for racing on the technically challenging courses in modern XC racing.

Arc8 eero ekar launch 1

A bike like rally legend Eero Hämäläinen: Fast on tarmac, invincible on gravel.

Escapee db record
Escapee DB

Whether you want to escape your competitors or your daily routine, this is your bike.

Baslerstab 8

We redesigned the handlebar so it attaches directly to the fork, without a stem. This allows us to bring the weight down to 240 g at 800 mm width and eliminate the clamping area, making the handlebar stronger.

Wuthocker v2

Our inhouse manufacturing combines innovative processes to produce a seatpost that is light, strong and comfortable.

Rockstock 16

The Rockstock is not only light and strong, but also uses viscoelastic damping to increase control and reduce fatigue. Made in our own facility, we have full control over every step from design to manufacturing.