ARC8 EVOLVE FS XT Performance Pure Black

Evolve FS Update

Stronger than ever!

"Almost a small sensation" was the conclusion of the BIKE Magazin after they tested the Evolve FS in 2023.

We've taken it up a notch and further improved the layup. In June 2023, we turned our entire testing process upside down. Extensive field and lab tests were conducted on the Evolve FS. We tested everything imaginable, even intentionally damaging brand-new frames and subjecting them to rigorous testing. The insights gained from these tests were incorporated into a revised layup, with certain areas reinforced. The result? Our best Evolve FS yet! Despite a weight gain of just 20 g, the frame now weighs 1.320 g (size M, painted). With this weight, the frame still remains among the lightest XC bikes out there. Furthermore, we've increased stiffness by a whopping 4%. Now, it's up to you to take it to the next level!