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Dual Pivot Suspension

Our Slider Technology

Throwback to the beginnings

The first full suspension frames already featured linear shock linkages, with well-known examples such as AMP Research’s B2, Manitou FS, or the first full suspension Yeti A.R.C AS. They all used the shock as a linear guide, which unfortunately resulted in many shock failures in the end.


When we considered the various options for shock linkage, we saw significant advantages in a linear guide.

The shock linkage is always a balancing act between being small and stiff to save weight and being as long as possible to achieve optimal suspension characteristics.

With the Evolve FS and Essential, we took the plunge: we developed a system where the shock linkage runs through a slider. This slider ultimately represents an infinitely long lever.

Little physics lesson

A linkage converts linear motion into rotation, which means trigonometric functions come into play when it comes to suspension leverage ratio (the ratio between rear wheel travel and shock stroke).

However, as the linkage moves or rotates more strongly, the curve of the suspension leverage ratio begins to resemble a sine curve. But, according to kinematics experts, a linear curve is the best version, meaning that the leverage ratio steadily increases as you go deeper into the available travel.
With a traditional linkage and a shock with a lot of stroke, the links have to rotate a lot. As a result, the force does not travel directly into the shock and it becomes increasingly difficult to achieve the optimal "falling rate".

By eliminating the pivot points, we achieve a leverage ratio curve that closely approximates this ideal straight line from top to bottom.

2310 geometry extra 2 leverage

Knowledge transfer

Because enduro bikes typically use shocks with a lot of travel, the advantages of a linear linkage are even greater.

Due to the positive feedback and increasing experience with the system gained from the Evolve FS and Essential, it quickly became clear to us: that's exactly what we need for the EXTRA! The high progression of the system makes it perfectly suited for coil shocks. The positive characteristics are further accentuated by this.

Another advantage of our Dual Pivot Suspension System is the independent adjustability of progression, travel, and anti-squat.

Another advantage of our Dual Pivot Suspension System is the independent adjustability of progression, travel, and anti-squat.

When the rails of the slider are moved up or down, only the travel is increased or decreased.
Progression is influenced by the angle of the rails. To change the anti-squat, the main pivot point must be adjusted.

This gives us a very sensitive response downhill, paired with relatively minimal pedal bob during uphill performance.