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DI.A 2023 - Evolve FS

And the Oscar goes to...

We’re very proud to announce that our new family member got considered as one of the most innovative products in the current bicycle market. Our Evolve FS was just decorated with the Design & Innovation Award 2023, an award to provide orientation between all the innovations and marketing campaigns.

“The ARC8 Evolve FS is a mountain bike all rounder that combines a XC lightweight structure with trail performance. The elaborate slider suspension generates a whopping 110 mm rear travel but, at the same time, ensures a stiff and nimble XC race feel. Despite its lively character, the Evolve doesn’t buck like a wild horse when riding downhill, with the progressive geometry ensuring good composure and tons of fun – all of this at a record-breaking weight of 1,240 g for the frame! The engineers achieved this with the help of computer aided design with Finite Element Analysis, which allowed them to test over 50 different carbon lay-ups to find the ideal configuration. No other bike currently available on the market offers such a good compromise between weight and trail performance. With the Evolve FS, ARC8 have created a super light, efficient overall package that still delivers on the trails.”

The Evolve FS is our interpretation of XC bike or maybe our way of redefining the so called “down country” category. It’s not only proven its playfulness on our home trails and in several magazine tests in 2022, it was also faced with the most challenging XC tracks, whether in the World Cup or the Swiss Bike Cup and the hard conditions of the challenging stage race Swiss Epic.