DI A2024 ARC8 Extra Air

DI.A 2024 - Extra Air

Not even officially introduced yet, and it has already won one of the most important design awards in the bike industry. We are immensely proud that our EXTRA Air impressed the rigorous jury of the Design & Innovation Awards 2024. The DI.A is the only award where products are evaluated not only based on their design but also tested in real conditions. Relevant trends are identified early, and products are evaluated within a broader context.

Roofowler RZ94254

"The ARC8 Extra Air provides first-class enduro performance and lots of riding fun, in the guise of a trail bike. It’s super lively and efficient on the climbs. On the descents, the bike relies on elaborately constructed rear suspension with a slider rather than a conventional linkage, generating an impressive 160 mm travel for ample grip and support. It invites you to play with the trail and puts a silly grin on your face, while the beautiful design and svelte tubing alone are enough to make you smile, immediately catching the eye. Rounding off the Extra Air are clever features like the storage compartment in the down tube, and all that for a featherweight 13.8 kg. The ARC8 Extra Air artfully combines design with functionality, and it delivers impressive performance on the trails."