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Size specific Geometry

Why size matters

While some topics were discussed multiple times, we quickly agreed on the geometry of the new EXTRA. Since our first EXTRA was already ahead of its time in terms of geometry, we didn't need to completely overhaul it. However, we did make some adjustments, following the motto: "Every little helps." Our main goal was to develop a frame that fits the rider's height optimally. The bike should grow proportionally, not just have a different reach and a longer seat tube.

With the new EXTRA, the chainstays also grow depending on the frame size, and among other things, the head tube length has been adjusted.

Why? Especially with larger frame sizes, we see more and more spacer towers under the stems, as many larger riders want a higher front end. However, these "towers" are always in line with the fork steerer, which automatically shortens the reach again. Consequently, the pressure that can be applied to the front wheel also changes. This can, for example, lead to a faster front wheel slide in corners.

Our goal was to keep the reach as long as possible even with a higher front end, which is why we made the head tube longer, especially for the size L.

Does this also apply to other frame sizes? Not necessarily: a smaller person can quickly feel like they're standing on a Harley due to the combination of a large front wheel and a lot of travel. Here, a shorter head tube makes sense again.

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Beim neuen Extra wachsen zusätzlich auch noch die Kettenstreben in Abhängigkeit zur Rahmengrösse mit und u.a. wurde die Steuerrohrlänge angepasst.

Warum? Insbesondere bei grossen Rahmengrössen sehen wir mehr und mehr Spacertürme unter den Vorbauten, da viele grosse Biker eine höhere Front haben möchten. Diese „Türme“ stehen jedoch immer in Verlängerung des Gabelschaftes, womit sich der Reach automatisch wieder verkürzt. Damit einhergehend verändert sich auch der Druck, den man aufs Vorderrad geben kann. Dies kann wiederum z.B. zu einem schnelleren Wegrutschen des Vorderrades in Kurven führen.

Unser Ziel war es, den Reach möglichst auch mit höherer Front lang zu behalten, weswegen wir das Steuerrohr vor allem für die Rahmengrösse L länger machten.

Gilt das dann auch für die anderen Rahmengrössen? Nicht unbedingt: ein kleinerer Mensch bekommt durch die Kombination aus einem grossen Vorderrad und viel Federweg schnell das Gefühl auf einer Harley zu stehen. Hier macht wiederum ein kürzeres Steuerrohr Sinn.

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Two or three - that's the question

But... do we really need to introduce a size S frame again? Or should we continue with the concept of two frame sizes (like with the Evolve FS or the Essential)?
With the Evolve, we were surprised to find that Serafin's daughter, who was 1,60 m tall at the time, sat perfectly on the bike. So why not stick with that?

To cut to the chase, we've decided on three frame sizes. The reason behind this is simple: An enduro bike is primarily designed for downhill riding. Sure, it's great if it climbs well too, but the uphill riding position isn't necessarily the decisive criterion for downhill fun. As soon as you transition from climbing to descending and stand up on the pedals, the optimal seated position is abandoned, leaving behind a long bike. A (too) long reach paired with a longer head tube and longer chainstays can quickly feel like a tractor for people under 1,70 m.

That's why the Extra still comes in three frame sizes.

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