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Big wheels, long travel

Ready to get Rowdy

The bike that gives you extra confidence and extra speed. Built to win the hardest Enduro stages or riding long descents in big mountains.


Aerodynamic. Lightweight. Disc brakes.

One Bike. All Season.

Whether you want to escape your competitors or your daily routine, this is your bike.


Making Custom Affordable




ARC8 is a welcome addition to the industry, and their Extra is a bike we’d love to spend more time on and get even more acquainted with.

Dan Roberts

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mtb NEWS

Die Bikes, die Jonas und Serafin von ARC8 mit im Gepäck hatten, konnten nicht nur optisch einen sehr guten Eindruck hinterlassen. Auch die Detaillösungen der drei Rahmen, die die Schweizer noch in diesem Jahr anbieten werden, können sich sehen lassen.

Moritz Zimmermann

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ARC8's heads are well screwed on and filled with bucket loads of experience, ideas and passion. It's going to be interesting to watch the brand develop and grow.

Dan Roberts

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Per questo prezzo difficile trovare qualcosa di simile sul mercato e, per chi volesse prendere una bici completa, vi sono diverse configurazioni da scegliere sul sito ARC8.

Marco Toniolo

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Mit seiner aggressiven Geometrie werden besonders Racer und abfahrtshungrige Biker Spaß an der neuen Plattform haben.

Stefan Frey

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Vélo Vert

A decidedly modern geometry, stiff bottom bracket, smoothening rear triangle and a lot of pleasure when charging through technical terrain

Amaël Donnet

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Lastly, the bike feels strikingly light. It’s easy to get it in the air over rough sections of track, and across stream ruts in winter-weathered trails. The Extra tips the scale less than a lot of shorter travel bikes, and lighter builds are certainly possible.

Brian Gerow

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This chassis offers a smart piece of design, which combines road smoothing compliance with rock-solid stiffness when sprinting.

Warren Rossiter

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